Friday, February 18, 2011

Brandmark and stationery for Tropedent

From My Notebook

Unused Concept

Stationery Design

In context


John D Nash said...

Awesome post Vikash I like the concept of the uniform curves idea is great to balance the design, the curved shapes and the sense of swirling motion seem more feminine to me. I’m sure they force us into shapes like that in my yoga class ha ha ha...! I think the more feminine feel is right but, I have only one question, why did you choose orange why not pink and other feminine colour. and it's always nice seeing others business card,some cool ideas. I still need a design to renew my own business card and now i am looking forward to hire you Vikash ?

Graphic Designer said...

Hey John,
Thanks for you view on my design, and as you wanted to know about the colour combination it was my client choice.

And i am always open to design your business card.

Peter Jaffray said...

Wonderful work. i like the process.

Roni Gray said...

I like the idea and the way you made this logo it's Simple but eyecatching.

Vikash Kumar said...

Thanks Peter & Roni

Nikesh Srivastava said...

Hi vikash
I just came across your blog and saw this, It looks very clean and professional.
brilliant work.

Namita said...

Improved work Vikash.
I am very exciting to see your thought process. the process reminds me when we'r working together and we'r always searching something new to implement.
Good work Vikash.

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