Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 most important questions keep in your mind at the time of making a logo or a brand identity

Some time it’s very hard to know what exactly the clients want, they don’t like our best design and concept. After expanding too much time on a project it’s very hard for a Designer to convey the clients that this is the best and suitable design for their business.

So it’s very important for a Designer to know the client’s test their like and dislike, what exactly they want, before starting any project.

After a long study on net and my past experience finally I got the answer that how a Designer can know the test of clients
There are some questions below that I want to share with you and you have to find out the answers.

1. What are the client's business objectives? It'll show the reasons and intentions to make a new logo design.

2. What is the client's mission and vision? Through which you can get the details of its foundation and can find out the purpose of the brand and your design may convey the brand's message or core values.

3. How would client’s like to be perceived by others? Important in determining the style of your design. The final logo may be different from the one your client’s want, but a logo and the proper branding can take them into the right direction.

4. What is the USP of the client’s what is different they are offering to the target market that others do not? Base this question you can know that what competitive advantage they have over their competitors and how different you logo should be.

5. Know the primary target market? If you know the age group, education, income, etc. than you can find out their lifestyles, likes and dislikes. And then only the final result would be appreciated by them.

6. What is the message that clients want to give through the logo? Through which you can know clients prospects and thoughts about the brand.

7. The best word that describe client's business and how does he look the final logo nature? When you are interacting with clients provide them multiple options. These options can be dependable, traditional, established, edgy, strong, enthusiastic, unique, high-tech, integrity, fun, serious, upscale, original, etc.

8. Which kind of logo clients like or dislike? Show them some options at first meeting. Although you can have some idea about the client’s taste, may be you have a great concepts, sometimes a clients personal taste can get in the way of great design. So the best way is that educate your client on what makes a good and effective logo.

9. What colours clients like and dislike or what colour they want for their logo? Add their favourite colour to the logo, but only if appropriate or give them some options.

10. How much time do you have to complete the project? You must be aware that what amount of time you have because the more time you apply on one project, the less amount of time you will apply on the other projects. This question will help you to know how much to charge your client and how much time you have for your other projects.

This is what i think... and what do you think?

If you want to share your point of view any suggestions than please share with us.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

William & Williams Holdings, Inc. Logo Design

Project name
Design a Simple, yet BOLD and Formal INITIAL LOGO for Real Estate Firm

Business name

William & Williams Holdings, Inc.

Include this tagline in my logo. No

Describe your business
I have launched a youth directed real estate company, whom will deal with ages and walks of life and does not discriminate on amount of real estate transaction. I believe in the strong work ethics and respect and carry my company in the same fashion. My word is my bond.

Industry type
Real Estate

What are the things you would like to communicate to your audience through your logo
I want a strong and efficient logo, one worth a person(s) train of thought. I want a logo that is simple and incorporates two(2) letter ( W)'s for William and Williams, as its the company's initials.The logo must be Formal and business savy. I do not want any images of homes or images depicting homes. I just want a straight logo using the concept of two letter W's interacting or joining to portray my company's strength and seriousness.

How many colors do you prefer in your logo?

Do you have any additional concepts or ideas? I want my logo to incorporate the bold image and my ideas so far have been merging two letter W's side by side, but one on top of the other. It looks good, but I want another opinion and or layout.

BLUE REEB’S Travel Logo redesign

Project name
Blue Reeb's Travel Logo redesign

Business name
Blue Reeb's Travel and Cruises

Include this tagline in my logo.

Describe your business
We are a Travel agency based in New York. We are having a redesign of our website and logo. We are looking for an up to date design of the logo. We would be interested in a modern design of the words and the globe and maybe not the globe a totally new design would be great. We do travel through flights, cruises, and other travel arrangements.

Industry type

What are the things you would like to communicate to your audience through your logo
We would like to give the image of a professional agency that is also fun.We could have a globe with the logo and a plane, ship, train, and so on. Or just the plane and ship. Please design some minimalistic designs as well as some eye catching designs.

How many colors do you prefer in your logo?
Not sure