Sunday, January 9, 2011

William & Williams Holdings, Inc. Logo Design

Project name
Design a Simple, yet BOLD and Formal INITIAL LOGO for Real Estate Firm

Business name

William & Williams Holdings, Inc.

Include this tagline in my logo. No

Describe your business
I have launched a youth directed real estate company, whom will deal with ages and walks of life and does not discriminate on amount of real estate transaction. I believe in the strong work ethics and respect and carry my company in the same fashion. My word is my bond.

Industry type
Real Estate

What are the things you would like to communicate to your audience through your logo
I want a strong and efficient logo, one worth a person(s) train of thought. I want a logo that is simple and incorporates two(2) letter ( W)'s for William and Williams, as its the company's initials.The logo must be Formal and business savy. I do not want any images of homes or images depicting homes. I just want a straight logo using the concept of two letter W's interacting or joining to portray my company's strength and seriousness.

How many colors do you prefer in your logo?

Do you have any additional concepts or ideas? I want my logo to incorporate the bold image and my ideas so far have been merging two letter W's side by side, but one on top of the other. It looks good, but I want another opinion and or layout.


Samual said...

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Graphic Designer said...

Thanks Samual.
As you have mentioned the point of sale to draw the customers attention, it's really very important in any business and i have just made it easy in my next post.

sarabrook11 said...

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